Our vision

Small scale and diverse production systems play an important role in providing local food security and sovereignty.

We call the farm Air’s Wild Acres. The land, the animals, and the humans here all feel most truly themselves when we can celebrate the wild aspects of the life, like the unpredictable side of nature, the things that give us awe and inspire us to want to conserve the planet and her beautiful creatures… Most importantly, we’re still learning about ourselves and the place in the world, and will always be slightly untamed.

This wild nature inherently means we operate at a scale that two people can sustainably manage, but that we also mirror ecological processes in our production systems. We promote diversity, as it inherently builds resilience in our operations.

Our mission

We provide education on small scale cheese production, goat and chicken life systems, and crop biodiversity.

As our wild selves, we hope to inspire others to conserve and protect the creatures and processes that maintain our environmental, human, and animal health.

We’re a growing operation, only established in 2022, so as we continue to add crops and products to our farm, we will share what we learn and what we know. We will make mistakes, but we will learn from them, and hopefully inspire others to start their own homestead, garden, mini-dairy or chicken farm, but regardless, we want people to also take ownership over the food they eat and the products they consume.

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