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  • It’s not my turn anymore.

    It’s not my turn anymore.

    Of my many faults as a human, my tendency towards nostalgia is probably one of my traits that annoys me the most. I am so easily sucked into a photo album or an old blog, and can then spend hours, or days even, thinking about whatever experience and how much I miss that particular time…

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  • Pandemic privilege at Rivers End Ranch.

    Pandemic privilege at Rivers End Ranch.

    It’s been over a year since I have posted anything on my blog. A long, weird, emotional, crazy, rewarding year, which included the following: Leaving Arizona, where I had purchased a house only 11 months prior, then proceeding to become a landlord for the first time Moving into a 300 square foot cabin that had…

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  • “Farting around” while embracing joy

    “Farting around” while embracing joy

    The first time I came to central Mexico, I was here for 6 months to complete a portion of my dissertation research at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). As often happens in such situations, I made fast friends with a few colleagues, and we spent quite a bit of time exploring the…

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  • Soil, water, and ranch life: new job for the new year.

    Soil, water, and ranch life: new job for the new year.

    The first time I ever presented in front of a group of strangers to advocate for agriculture, I was 10. The Alameda County Fair Board of Directors proposed an elimination of the Junior Livestock program at our annual fair, and the leader of my 4-H sheep project asked my mom to allow me to present…

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  • Money isn’t everything when it comes to conservation

    Money isn’t everything when it comes to conservation

    Lately, there has been a great deal of coverage on pollinator health in the media, and the need for conservation of bees in particular. Obviously, as a conservationist and an interdisciplinary agricultural professional, I am strongly in support of conserving any species, especially those with huge economic impacts in agriculture, like the pollinators. However, I…

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  • #NerdHigh: Another year, another AIARD!

    #NerdHigh: Another year, another AIARD!

    Every year, the Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD) holds an annual meeting in Washington, D.C. around this time of year. As a professional society, made up of individuals from all aspects of the international agriculture and development scene, AIARD’s meetings are always wonderful for gaining inspiration, and being reminded of the reasons…

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  • Patterns and pastures.

    In the recent weeks, I passed my comprehensive exam, visited with a fantastic Carabidae specialist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (another #loveyourtaxonomist post is likely to follow about this trip), and camped at one of the most beautiful places in PA (“It feels like we are hiking into ‘The Hobbit!’” said a young hiker…

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  • I really don’t like milk, but I love my job…

    I really hate milk. I hate it. So much. As is the case with some young parents, mine weren’t particularly versed in childhood nutrition. But, somewhere along the line, my mother decided that my sister and I needed to drink a glass of milk every night before we were allowed to go to bed. She must…

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